Night life at Kazakhstan

There are two kinds of people, the early birds and night owls. The early birds are lucky because there is nothing stopping them from attending classes, paying attention to detail and following the timetable word to word. Night owls are at a disadvantage when it comes to any of the above activities, but not if you are a person living or visiting Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan. Almaty’s nightlife gives its tourists the best nights with its colourful clubs, bars, music, parties and beautiful people.

Image by Israel Sundseth
Image by Askar Ulzhabayev
Image by Max Titov

Almaty Nightlife: 5 Best Experiences

1. Cuban Music: Music Needs No Language

Do not let the language barrier make you limit your trips to generic activities. Spread your wings to the maximum and go to music centres and places that play cuban music. This is not like any other music blasting through the speakers. Cuban music is played live and is at its peak during night time. Cuban music is energetic and when accompanied with instruments and soulful when paired with the dark nights of Almaty.

2. Russian Discos: Display Your Shower Dancing Skills

If you are a dancing royale, almaty is the place which will let you feel like a king. A shy person need not fret, the dancing culture of Almaty is the heaviest at night, you won’t be a topic of ridicule since everyone would be busy tapping toes in the clubs. Nightclubs in Almaty Kazakhstan is an essential for a decent party life. There are after hours clubs, clubs separated only for dancing, clubs exclusively for parties and clubs with V.I.P entry. When the sun goes down, the crowd increases at the clubs in Almaty, which dance, literally and figuratively. If a person is lucky, they might hear the low treble and rumbling of the walls of the dancing club. The best clubs in Almaty are Vzletnaya, Chukotka, Gan bei and Ooh Chic.

3. Perfect Night Snack: Wraps And Beer

Use your foodie instincts and make your instagram followers envious with the famous night combo of tortilla wraps and beer. They can either be ordered separately or even as a mixed snack called as the beer tortilla wrap. They should be eaten after dancing or physical activities as it may cause a little dizziness if digested in the wrong amounts.

4. Art Galleries: For The Artist In You

If you are an artist who does not need any loud noise or drinks, Almaty does not view you like an outsider, not everyone likes to party. Almaty has art galleries that stay open till midnight. These art houses consist of beautiful art works and art products with intricate designs. Art houses also have seperate lounges that allow relaxation and study of art works.

5. Bars And Pubs: Drink Away


You do not need to drink away your worries in Almaty as it is a city filled with exciting activities and places to visit. However, you will always need to wind down and relax at the end of the day. What better way to do it other than visiting Almaty’s best pick up bars. The famous night bar of Almaty is the sky bar. It is a multiplex of different bars with a central and main bar in the middle. It is the best place to visit if you want to try out different drinks and experiment with various cocktails.

After the sub has set, you haven’t run out of options. Almaty city nightlife encourages you to make the most of everyone’s stay more enjoyable by keeping itself happening and alive even at the dead hours of the night. It is essential to layback and enjoys these amenities.